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Thread: Aston CAM + Nexus + Common Interface

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    Aston CAM + Nexus + Common Interface

    I've recently bought secondhand from different sources :
    Hauppauge Nexus-s PCI card
    Hauppauge Common Interface, front-loading
    2 Aston CAMs

    The Nexus works, either with the Hauppauge application or with ProgDVB, but when I connect the Common Interface and either of the Aston CAMs then apparently no CAM is recognised.
    However, I don't know which of these elements is not working.

    Has anyone any experience with this or a similar setup?
    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    The only physical configuration seems to be to power the Aston CAM with 5 volts or 3 volts from the Common Interface. I left it in the default 5 volts position.
    Does anyone know what the power supply voltage should be for the Aston CAM?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    Re: Aston CAM + Nexus + Common Interface

    Exactly the same problem !

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