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Thread: sly card and dreambox

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    sly card and dreambox

    I will be recieiving a sly uk card in a few days.
    I dont have a a sly digibox yet.
    I understand that a sly card must be activated in a digibox in which the box key is matched up with the card.
    Now i am planning on using the card in a dreambox rather than the sly box and obviously I would simply put the box key into the config files on the emu i would use.
    Instead of buying a cheap second hand sly box just so i can activate the card, is there anyway i can activate the card using the use a made up box key?

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    Re: sly card and dreambox

    I think you'll be running head-long into Two Problems!
    You allready mentioned One of 'em, activation...
    The other Problem is the small fact that as far as I know, the Dream, Reel or dbox2 (if you like!), simply can not do NDS-Videoguard So allthough you may have the Card I'm not sure it'll do you any good.

    *Note it may ~for all I know~ work if you can setup the proper CAIDs' on you Box. Theoretically this is how you'd do it for the Dragon\T-Rex CAM, and to my knowledge those can't decode NDS either.

    Beside back to the point of activation for a sec., it's not a One-shot deal!
    You have to insert the Sky \ Yellowhouse Card into a Sky-box at least once every Fortnight (Every 2 weeks ~or so~), to keep the Card updated.
    If you fail to do this then you will likely have a 'Dark Screen'.

    The part about useing a Dream might be BS granted, but the Card Update stands!
    You can not update a Sky \ Yellowhose Card w/o a Skybox...

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    Re: sly card and dreambox

    thanks for your reply.

    Dreambox does emulate nds with emus such as gbox, newcamd. The box key from the slybox has to be inserted in the emu's config files.

    I am of the understanding that the latest emus can indeed update over the air although I would like this 100 % confirmed, otherwise I would have no option but to purchase a cheap slybox.

    But back to my original question. Is there anyway I can use a "made up" box key for the dreambox emu and therefore activate the sly card with this "new" boxkey?

    I have a feeling Im going to have to puchase a slybox, but if there was a way I could get round this I would like to know.


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