TNT launches with a bang in Belgium
April 13, 2012 09.42 Europe/London By Robert Briel

WATCH VIDEO. Telenet and Turner Broadcasting joined in a remarkable promotion for the launch of TNT on the Belgian cable network.

“To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then we waited…”, the company said in a statement. Of course, they filmed the sequence of events and put the resulting video on YouTube – and the video has been seen over 10 million (!) times.

T NT, which stands for Turner Network Television, specialises in movies and TV series with ‘we know drama’ as the strap line. The channel launched on April 10.

The channel will bring new TV series such as Shameless, Men of a Certain Age, Memphis Beat, Web Therapy, Phone Shop and classic series including The O.C., E.R., West Wing and 30 Rock.

During the first month, TNT will be available to all Telenet subscribers with an HD receiver.