NAB 2012: Mobile DTV viewing primarily a complementary service to traditional TV

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 18-04-2012

A new study commissioned by the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) has identified four major usage scenarios for live local TV on portable devices: live and breaking news and updates; killing time; keeping the kids entertained; and back-up TV within the home.
"The data...showed Mobile DTV viewing was primarily in addition to and complementary with traditional TV viewing," said Anne Schelle, executive director of the OMVC. "The majority of mobile viewing occurred in the daytime, in contrast to traditional evening viewing on home TVs."
Viewership data collected and analysed by Rentrak shows that the heaviest Mobile DTV viewers (top 33%) had the highest percentage of children living at home, while the lightest viewers (bottom 33%) had the lowest percentage. The OMVC research bears this out, finding that households with children had "frenetic and multitasking lifestyles [that] seemed especially well suited for the Mobile DTV viewing experience." For instance, staying connected to news while commuting to work, be entertained during a lunch break, keeping children occupied while running errands or having a secondary TV in the kitchen while preparing a meal are all 'busy-family' activities.
With broadcasters poised to launch commercial Mobile DTV service in 35 markets throughout the U.S., proponents of the service are talking it up, particularly as an alternative to mobile TV options delivered via 36 and 4G cellular networks.
"This study...clearly demonstrates that local television stations are in a unique position to deliver live news, emergency alerts, sports and popular entertainment programs to smartphones and tablets without clogging cellular networks or requiring viewers to rack up expensive data bills," explained Schelle.