OIC broadcast forum to promote Islam on TV

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 22-04-2012

A new broadcast watchdog for the 57 countries belonging to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is to be established to promote a positive image of the Muslim world on television.
The OIC Broadcast Regulatory Forum, which was initially proposed by Turkey and approved at the organisation's conference in Libreville in Gabon on 19 April, will be a platform "intended to promote coordination, communication and cooperation among the authorities in charge of regulating broadcasting in member-states".
The OIC says the forum will also "enhance the exchange of information, ideas and expertise on issues of common interest in the areas related to the services of the audiovisual media sector."
The forum will run in conjunction with a proposed OIC international satellite channel, which will project the voice of the Muslim world, report on Islamic issues, and defend Muslim interests within the framework of Islamic solidarity among the organisation's member states.
A draft resolution on the proposal says: "particularly in this age of globalization, where so many voices are rising which claim to speak on behalf of Islam, and where defamation campaigns have multiplied against our noble faith and its symbols, it has become more necessary than ever to give serious consideration to the idea of launching an international satellite TV station under the umbrella of the OIC."
The OIC was established in 1969 to protect and promote the interests of Muslims worldwide.