Grupo Antena 3 creates news division

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 21-04-2012

Spanish Grupo Planeta’s Grupo Antena 3 has created a new news division within the company: División de Información.
The current director of news, Gloria Lomana, has been appointed general manager of the new division.
The creation of the division pursues a specific management of information activity in coordination with other strategic areas of the group under the umbrella of a single directorate. It also seeks to obtain a more efficient organization of information resources on television, better adaptability to new and complex multimedia information environments and a greater potential and autonomy to develop new projects within and outside the perimeter of the company.

The news division, which adds to the five already in place (TV, radio, advertising, multimedia and film) relates to a strategic commitment to information on TV and is not connected with the future integration with Mediapro’s la Sexta.