Film Four & Film Four +1: 23-04-2012.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00The Sea Chase[SUB AD]
The captain of a ramshackle German freighter nears the end of his tour of duty, but while trying to get his vessel safely home is a pursued by British warship whose commander is determined to avenge the murder of a fisherman. Second World War adventure, with John Wayne, Lana Turner, David Farrar and Lyle BettgerFilm/Adventure/War

13:25True Grit[SUB HD]
One-eyed, over-the-hill US Marshal Rooster Cogburn reluctantly agrees to help a girl track down her father's killer. The quest is complicated by a Texas Ranger, who is also on the murderer's trail, and a host of villains who have few qualms about disposing of the meddling youngster and her protector. Western, starring an Oscar-winning John Wayne alongside Jeff Corey, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall and Dennis HopperFilm/Western

16:00Oliver Twist[SUB AD BW HD]
A runaway orphan becomes involved with a dangerous gang of backstreet thieves and pickpockets led by the elderly crook Fagin, and ends up in peril after a wealthy benefactor tries to save him from a life of crime. Drama, based on the Charles Dickens novel, starring Alec Guinness, Anthony Newley, John Howard Davies and Robert NewtonFilm/General Movie/Drama

18:25Terms of Endearment[SUB AD HD]
A woman supports her daughter despite their differences over three tumultuous decades. The indomitable matriarch disapproves of her daughter's marriage and finds grandmotherhood hard to get used to, but proves fiercely protective of her family when tragedy strikes. Oscar-winning drama, starring Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Jeff DanielsFilm/General Movie/Drama

21:00Iron Man[SUB AD HD]
An arms manufacturer taken hostage by a terrorist group realises the weapons his company builds have been falling into the wrong hands. Using his engineering skills to construct a hi-tech armoured suit, he manages to escape and then puts technology to good use in the fight against evil across the globe. Superhero adventure, starring Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence HowardFilm/Adventure

23:25Chatroom[SUB HD]
An author's embittered and rebellious son sets up an Internet chatroom, where he provides emotional support for other troubled teenagers. The visitors share their secrets with him, but do not realise he is not what he seems, as he is soon using this information to manipulate them and drive them to suicide. Thriller, with Aaron Johnson and Imogen PootsFilm/Detective/Thriller

01:20Logan's Run[SUB AD HD]
In a hedonistic futuristic city, euthanasia is compulsory for everyone over 30. A law enforcer whose job is to kill anyone who tries to escape is given the task of exposing an underground movement. To do so, his body clock is fast-forwarded, giving him a taste of life on the run. Sci-fi thriller, starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Farrah Fawcett and Peter UstinovFilm/Science Fiction