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Thread: help kaon 200s don't working

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    help kaon 200s don't working

    Please help me
    I flashed my receiver kaon 200s with firm of kaon 230
    else the receiver show on front panel number 8
    I send to it the boot 619v4
    after it don't show anything on the front panel
    but I'm sure that it respond coze when I try read from it the boot with the program
    He give me answer about information of boot version 619v4
    Please some people tell me that it can rescue without using JTAG
    what can I do please

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    Re: help kaon 200s don't working

    i think the fims of kaon230 don t work on the 200 you must use firms 16.80.90-or91 use this one with boot619v4 i hope i helped you

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