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    Question Help me please

    ok i am trying to hack dish network i have some old stuff my stepdad used a long time ago one is a chip in the shap of a card with a telaphone jake in it the next is a card reader i guess with a serioal plug on it and finallly i have a small pice that has a phone plug on one sid and a serial on the other and a computer runing dos with a program calledmanicor 8p i havnt been able to figure it out yet can someone help me?
    or lead me in the right direction.

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    Angry please help me hack dish network

    can someone help me pleaze

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    Re: please help me hack dish network

    what area u in and what receiver u useing?

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    Wink Re: please help me hack dish network

    im in georgia and using a dish pro 311 i have some old equipment my stepdad used to use it is a chip that has a serail port on it and a card fits into it and i have a card with a phone jack made into it and a chip with a phone jack on one side and serial on the other and a progaram that most likely outdated called manicor
    thank you for any help you can provide

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    Re: please help me hack dish network

    can any one help?

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    Re: Help me please

    The only suggestion I can give you is to look at DSS forum

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