Latino YouTube network MiTu launches

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 30-04-2012

MiTu Network, a Latino-focused YouTube channel, has launched to bring how-to, help-oriented content for bilingual and bicultural audiences in the U.S. and abroad via the Internet.

MiTu's misison is to offer an alternative to traditional Hispanic programming and media opportunities for viewers and advertisers. Programming will feature a mix of English and Spanish language content around six key channel categories: health, beauty, food, family, style and design.

"As a bilingual and bicultural U.S. Latina, there are few networks that speak to us in a way that we can identify with," said Beatriz Acevedo, founder and president of MiTu. "Until now, quality, entertaining content that reflects our way of life has been incredibly difficult to find. So we set out to create a global network where Latinos can connect with each other, feel proud, inspired, and properly represented as the cultural and economic force that we are in this country."

Advanced advertising is part of the business model. "MiTu's mix of lifestyle programming, offers an ultra-targeted and highly engaged audience environment where advertisers can go beyond the 30-second spot," said Colombian-born Roy Burstin, MiTu's CEO. "This is a video platform with a very significant social media component. Our content is organized around audience passion points and our viewers will be able to actively relate to and interact with our programming hosts. We are going to be able to give brands a whole new way of engaging Latino audiences, mixing branded entertainment, online advertising, and social media conversations."

By launch, MiTu will feature a variety of more than 30 established Latino lifestyle channels. MiTu's partner channels are hubbed in various cities in the United States and some others internationally, in countries such as: China, France, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.