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Thread: New Camd3920L

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    New Camd3920L


    New Camd3920L
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    Re: New Camd3920L

    Last time I have test a lot of combinations for the dream 8000 to use the internal card reader, the camd3 would absolutly not run on the 8000.

    last changes:

    Camd3 v3.920L
    should be a server version, patched for Viaccess-ID 023B00
    I have found this version on a russian server, dated from 23.1.2010 (new?)

    Camd3 v3.908L
    client only version, use cs357x protokol, no more newcamd support in camd3

    Camd3 v3.902
    Fix for new Card (S02 getestet, I02 nicht), support für dm800 (BOXTYPE=13)

    Camd3 v3.900 beta1
    Tricolor fix

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