Apple TV heads for Brazil, but with a hefty price tag

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 01-05-2012

Apple TV has debuted in Brazil today, but retails for twice what it does in the United States.
The small and sleek set-top box, used mostly for streaming Apple-purchased and rented content to a television, sells for $99 in the U.S. But in Brazil, thanks to import taxes, it will set users back 399 Reals, or $211. The good news is that Brazilian Macheads will have access to a 12-month installment plan.
The new version of Apple TV launched back in March,offering U.S. consumers access to Netflix, notably. The other main upgrade was an improved screen resolution to true HD — it offers a 1080p picture rather than the previous 720p. It also features a bolder user interface that presents movies and TV options in a tile-like format, with less text and bigger graphics.
The OS has gotten a brush-up too. Users now have unlimited streaming of purchased content via iCloud, and a content recommendation engine based on the Genius algorithm is included. Users can also import their content through iTunes Match and the iCloud Photo Stream.