France Télévisions enriches VOD offer

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly ©RapidTVNews | 01-05-2012

France Télévisions will improve this week its VOD offer: the France TVOD platform, which offers free and pay VOD on a selection of key programming, will be replaced by the Pluzz VaD platform.
According to French news outlet Les Echos, the new platform will line-up with some 3,000 titles ranging from movies, docs and magazines to series, youth and live shows. The new service will kick off on the Free box, before joining other IPTV platforms before the end of the year. Pluzz Vad will also be embedded on connected TV sets. PluzzVaD comes to complement catch-up TV offer Pluzz that already proposes seven-days free viewing of the group’s five channels programming. 40 million videos are requested each month.
After the free period, Pluzz VaD will make programmes accessible in exchange of payment but without any time limit. ”Such an offer is currently available only on illicit websites ; Itąs normal that after its free period of availability, a TV programme has to be paid to be watched,” Yann Chapellon, the CEO of commercial arm France Télévisions Distribution explained to Les Echos.
The new offer also intends to present en enlarged library, well over the only France Télévisions line-up, and will comprise for instance more US and French feature films. The revenue share will rights owners will be on a 50/50 basis. With PluzzVad, France Télévisions wants to fill the gap and delay with private broadcasters TF1 and M6 which launched their own VOD platforms several years ago already. Les France Télévisions’ upcoming challenge will be to develop its SVOD offer, which is currently only focusing on youth programming and available on IPTV platform Orange and SFR to more than 150,000 subs.