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    Anyone who follows the auto timer thread will have probably read some of the series expansion.

    Each car now has a new timer box "label series", which is turned on is determined after each scan auto timer, the timer found the episode, season, and the episode title. Depending on your setting then the timer title and / or the description thereof is adjusted.
    The Simpsons S22E14 Mad Dad - The Movie
    EUREKA - Eureka S04E17 Death Fog
    Dexter S04E06 fathers
    CSI: NY S07E17 The trace of the Scorpion

    Info and long pressing the "Series Info".
    From the info screen with LiveTV, a Season, Episode, Title and description are displayed.

    Series Information: see LiveTV
    Rename: You can add the series subsequent information.

    You can determine
    To appear-which functions are active and in the menus
    -Which service is to be used to identify the series (there are currently only one)
    -Look like your movie titles and descriptions should

    Zip unzip and copy the source code on your box:
    / Usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/SeriesPlugin
    You gotta have the auto-timer from the sources to get auto-timer Series Branch:

    This copies your car on your timer:
    / Usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/AutoTimer
    The config file is not mandatory.
    This copies your car on your timer:
    / Usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/AutoTimer
    The config file is not mandatory

    Auto Timer: If you do not want to turn the function separately for each new auto timer, so you can easily customize the default entry in the auto-timer menu.
    LiveTV: Used but that Multiquick button plugin.
    Movie List Rename: Uses EMC, then multiple images are selected and processed.
    You can customize the episode Patterns / extend:
    Edited and copied to the seriesplugin.cfg / etc/enigma2/seriesplugin.cfg
    It can be adjusted only the short description, because the timer includes only those
    You could even integrate it into the Rename function of the Movie List, which would then no longer consistent with the auto-timer function.

    Auto timer automatically rename series
    LiveTV Series Info dialog
    Movie List Info dialog, rename function
    Fix: loading modules at runtime
    Channel testing installed

    [B] If you have problems: [/ B]
    - Xy has no record series information. Checks whether the information is actually available on
    The information is only available in the coming days, best represents the auto-timer so that existing timers should be updated, then the miterledigt the next scan.
    - If your car uses the timer via the web interface and do a search, do not have any timers series information, and updates the timer waits a short list. Because of the asynchronous serial search continues, the timer will also be updated after the end of the auto timer scan has.

    Gives us a 3-month test phase.
    During the test phase, the shares will still be closed source.

    If you rename the Movie List function seems to be slow, try setting the information by hand to determine:
    Just take a Simpsons episode from yesterday / day before yesterday and goes to [url =] - Info, Episodenfhrer, TV schedule, DVDs, videos [/ url], stopping the time, I wonder if anyone makes the experiment - Infos, Episodenfhrer, TV-Termine, DVDs, Videos und stoppt die Zeit, bin gespannt, ob jemand das Experiment macht

    Thanks betonme
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    Re: SeriesPlugin

    Bugfix: Movie List functions
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    Re: SeriesPlugin

    Bugfix: MovieList Rename Funktionen
    Damit es stabil läuft, werden die Filme jetzt sequentiell umbenannt
    Bei Timeouts oder wenn die Verbindung Serverseitige getrennt wurde, wird die Anfrage nach kurzer Zeit automatisch wiederholt.
    Intern wurde sehr viel umgestellt/aufgeräumt.
    Jetzt auch als OE2.0 Version
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