Entel Chile plans kick-off for DTH satellite TV

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia ©RapidTVNews | 04-05-2012

Entel Chile will soon begin trialing satellite TV service, using a platform provided by Telefónica's Media Networks division. The idea is to target rural and underserved communities.

"We are working on the launching of this service in certain niches, in certain sectors where there are fewer offers," Entel President Juan Hurtado told Diario Financiero. Developing urban areas will take more research into whether there is an opportunity.

Competition for pay-TV is rife in Chile, which has one of the highest penetration rates in South America for both Internet and television. Incumbent pay-TV operators include TuVes HD, Telefónica, Claro and DirecTV, while new launches include MSO VTR, Nextel, Falabella and Virgin Mobile.

Entel plans to invest $3 billion in CAPEX to build out the service and invest in existing mobile and terrestrial broadband networks by 2014; $900 million is earmarked for this year.