At a few days of the officialization of fusion, here a summary from what SHOULD occur during the prochaînes month for CANALSAT. Arrived probable (quasi confirmed but dependent for much fusion) on on Canalsat at the re-entry. All this is under reserves because fusion was not approved yet and Channel could call into question the launching of certain chains or advance others of them (in fat chains ever evoked until there): Star Academy 6 (seven) Onzeo (25 seven) NASN (seven) Play One (Oct.) Side of on your premise (Nov.) France 24 (DEC) WAT (DEC) Boomerang (DEC) Eurosport 2 (DEC) Ushuaia TV (DEC) Odyssey (DEC) Tfou (DEC) Series Club (DEC) TF6 (DEC) TPS Star Discovery Science (under reserves) Cinemagic (under reserves) M6 (2007) TF1 (2007) Chains always in negotiations and thus not confirmed: Astrocenter TV Baby TV Dorcel TV Eureka Fun TV Infosport Latina Luxate TV Pack 3 chains M6 Music Piwi Télétoon and Télétoon+1 TFJ TV8 Mount Blanc All chains cinema (CinéCinéma) and PPV (Kiosk) are in the course of reformating for the end of the year If not, chains which always remain in gestation (in fat chains ever evoked until there): Melody Zen Melody Zen 2 MTV HD Eurosport HD Ushuaia TV HD Playstation TV Discovery HD Adventure 1 Paramount Comedy Fox Crime