Antena 3 launches online payment service

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 08-05-2012

Internet continues to grow as a key distribution platform and viewing content and Grupo Planeta’s Antena 3 has launched a new web-based pay-TV service in Spain.

The service will offer high quality, ad-free series premieres available immediately through a micro-managed by The Telecoming group.

The Mode Premium Lounge, the name of the payment service that is now accessible through the website of the chain, will have three access modes: a subscription to previews for 4 euros a month; a subscription to content for 2 euros a month; and a payment for access to specific content for less than 1 euro.

Antena 3's leap to online payment services is in line with the latest trends in video consumption 'online'. In the last quarter of last year, 5% of e-commerce transactions in Spain corresponded to the consumption of video content. Worldwide, 76% of Internet users consumed videos through a home computer and 13% from a mobile device.

The payment card, developed by The Telecoming Group for Antena 3 identifies the device from which a user navigates and proposes a single environment all payment solutions available in the market.