EuroTVGuild and IPWorldTV take major step to expand distribution and services

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 09-05-2012

The European Television Guild has joined forces with IPWorldTV to supply nearly 500 internationally targeted television channels across many genres, to broadcast, cable, IP, connected TV, telco/mobile platforms and operators around the world.

The two companies will share a wealth of expertise including international distribution, social media, marketing, digital licensing, regulatory and rights management, technical operations and web development, research and production etc.

They will also create a centre of excellent for the delivery and distribution of channels and content to all multi-screen platform providers, including telcos. The result is that channels and content will have better reach to potential new customers and is also intended to work in favour of service operators.

Commented European Television Guild Graham Pitman, Chairman and Director, ”For both organisations, this is a very major positive step forward in helping channel and content rights owners and their customers expand into new markets, as well as looking after their interest in existing marketplaces. We have planned this move to become the best contact point for media supply and development in television. Furthermore, we can offer quality cross services, react fast and undertake work more effectively on a larger scale. With the professional team already engaged and expanding especially in terms of distribution personnel, there will be further on-going commercial development with the channels and content as we move forward.”

Added Alinur Velidedeoğlu Chief Executive Officer of IPWorldTV: “This partnership really strengthens our organisation and also helps customers expand their reach in existing and new territories. Both organisations have great depth and expertise. The platform is available around the globe and we can supply a growing number of channels to many points. At the moment, we are carrying over 400 channels in 29 different languages, from over 80 countries. Our state of the art technology allows content owners to distribute their content intercontinentally in broadcast quality with a fraction of today’s satellite delivery cost via public internet.

“With this partnership and proficiency of knowledge between IPWorldTV and EuroTVGuild, these numbers are bound to grow at an amazingly rapid pace. IPWorldTV is offering its acquired content on numerous devices, such as, Android set-top-box, Internet TV, Roku, iPad, Samsung, and soon will be accessible on all other connected devices available in the market. EuroTVGuild is a huge player in expansion of content delivery and IPWorldTV is pleased to join forces to acquire and distribute its content to people worldwide with this new and advantageous collaboration.”