Du bandwidth trial bodes well for IPTV, mobile TV

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 09-05-2012

UAE telecommunications operator Du has registered an apparent regional first after successfully completing a 100 Gigabit transmission per wavelength trial over long distances with Huawei on its optical transport network (OTN).

Du's 100G enhanced bandwidth will enable it to withstand future demands for data rich content such as internet protocol TV and mobile video, by providing a higher rate of transmission. In total, 700km of the fibre optic network was tested over two routes.

"We are very proud to be the first operator in the Middle East to successfully complete such a test. There are operators in Europe who have done this test over a live, long distance network, but so far we are the first to do so in the region," said Hatem Bamatraf, executive vice president, network development and operations, du.

"By upgrading to 100G per wavelength we will add further value to our network, increasing and optimising the use of our bandwidth to cope with the increase of high capacity rate services (to be transported over Terabits), such as the internet and du TV, giving our customers a seamless experience no matter which of our services they use."