RTVE defends its HDTV channel

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 09-05-2012

The Board of Directors of Spain’s national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE has defended in a resolution the need for the public corporation to act as an "engine of HD" with the issuance of its HD channel, facing the possibility that the Government may decide to devote one of the two current muxes available the ‘digital dividend’.

This will mean a reduction in the number of channels for all of the national broadcasters in favour of broadband mobile communications.

The resolution, passed by the votes of three members appointed PSOE, the UGT, the UI and the CiU and abstention by three members of the PP, does not enter directly assess the disposal of the multiplex, and that, according to council sources, explains why the Government has not communicated any plans in this regard to RTVE.

Thus, RTVE noted, if it had to remove one of the two multiplex RTVE to reduce the costs of the 'digital dividend', the public would have to choose between having one channel in HD or three channels that broadcast in standard quality . In addition, the same sources have suggested that the HD broadcast by TVE is within the mandate approved Framework in Parliament within the obligations of public service that has the public broadcaster.

"If we landed on the HD, that would impact on the entire technology sector," sources have indicated the board, indicating that "now is not the time" to reduce the available radio spectrum of RTVE.

According to the Framework Plan for Digital Dividend liberalisation, developed by the previous Socialist government, the chains of DTT should change frequency from July 2012, which implies that approximately one and half million of apartment buildings have to readjust your antenna or re-tune their televisions in individual households, from that moment, as with the 'digital switchover'