New driver 1.03b by PRZ ITALY
Tuner DVB S/T/C
Sunray4/Dm800se sim2.10 only

Release note:
Here the last version of the trialtuner driver (1.0.3b).
In this version I should have fixed the following bugs:
1. Channel switching from dvb-c/t to dvb-s (some times failed to tune)
2. Fix video reproducing from recorded on hdd
3. Fix the qam256 frequency from cable (set FEC to 7/8) (thanks to gjstroom for test and support)

Try it!

1. Usbtuner and Vtuner still don't work. There are some problem with demux support.
(I'll try to fix, but it's very hard to work when source code is not available! ).
2. Unfortunately this trialtuner is only a software driver. It's not possible to view ex. dvb-s while recording dvb-t.
The hardware tuner is a combo, not a real multi-frontends.

Prz official site :

tested 100% OK :)