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Thread: New GP3.2 OE2.0 for new and for GP3 OE1.6

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    New GP3.2 OE2.0 for new and for GP3 OE1.6

    Gemini3 0.53-r14 (für OE2.0)

    Gemini3 0.53-r14

    We recommend a current release of the DMM based OE2.0.
    Who should use a different image in case of problems please contact the relevant people.
    Most functions can be found in the Gemini-Wiki.
    [URL =] Gemini-Wiki [/ URL]
    How do you get the Gemini3 on his box is [URL =] here [/ URL].

    Function buttons:
    * Blue Gemini Plugin - Blue Panel
    * The remaining buttons can be freely assigned with our Quick button function

    * 13 sensor fields
    * A new value for the sensor fields. Providers can'll put on a sensor field.
    * Gemini-daemon revised.

    Fixes and updates:
    * The Crypt info you can now switch between icons and touch panel.
    * Languages

    * Dutch (thx @ Bschaar)
    * Polish (thx @ zbigzbig20)

    respect for Skinner:
    * Who was the provider for an extra field in the info bar, so can now provide a sensor field for it.

    Since the images take up much more space in Flash, which will lead to problems in the small boxes (> 4MB free flash). For small boxes are the dm500, dm800 and meant DM800SE. If images outsourced to a USB flash drive or SSD are that is, of course not a problem anymore.
    For DM7020HD and DM8000, there is this problem of course not.
    Ask the Wizard to use the new GP3 v0.16 old GP32 is not able to install v0.15.
    The download URL is the same as before.
    [URL] [/ URL]

    The GP32 is not able to install it on the DM7025, which also is not a image based OE2.0 for the box.
    In the dm800 some manual work is required of you. Because this box we will not yet supported. If you still want to try the GP32 on the dm800 must edit the file "/ etc / opkg / arch.conf" and add the following line in addition to "arch mips32el 26". After the Gemini with the Wizard v0.16 install.

    The following plugin is not available yet ...
    geminibootlogo -> Create and set the boot logo itself.
    geminibluetooth -> Integration of Bluetooth - devices
    geminiluks -> mount encrypted partitions or containers
    geminiupnpc -> Integration of UPnP / DLNA servers

    * Addon and Plugin Server
    * Cryptinfos the transmitter (assuming GeminiPlugin enabled skin)
    * Manager to manage many daemons / server (BP-> daemon)
    * Visual improvements such as HD-Skin, additional icons (GeminiPlugin ready skins can be recharged in the BP.)
    * Manager for formatting, setting up or integration of devices (BP-> Device Manager)
    * Own apps for example Dreamnetcast, eTorrent, NFS server, just to name a few
    * Detailed information about your Dreambox (BP-> Information)
    * EPG Search (BP -> Extensions -> EPG search)
    * File Manager, a lot of formats, regardless of whether images, footage, Torrents, scripts or DVDs (BP-> File Manager)

    If the Gemini3 been updated, please restart enigma ever again.
    Anyone who installs the plugin or the NFS GeminiTools / changed please re-start the box.

    It is recommended Picon, outsource EPG-Cache-Cache and the Gemini on a medium and not to leave it in Flash.

    This plugin does not contain any keys or keys.
    Backups or other modified Images are not
    and we will not be supported!

    Installation Wizard will download it hxxp://
    Update from old versions of software management

    Thank you and have fun
    Your Gemini-Team
    Thanks mechatron
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