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Thread: dreambox 7025 Halp

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    dreambox 7025 Halp

    hi everyone,i am new to this db7025,if anybody back up image for this reciever with gbox on,please send me it,i have db7025 and i have a 36volt activator with superjack vbox2,i was using this before on my 7020 and it was working fine,please guide me on how to get it the superjack connected with this reciever.thanks in advance,PLEASE HELP

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    Re: dreambox 7025 Halp

    no body can halp

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    Re: dreambox 7025 Halp

    i tried to do this my self but for some reason 13 e would not work all the other sats did the best thing to do is turn it off and use the v box remote m8.

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