April 16 with the change of brand, Orange Poland introduces a platform Orange TV decoder Sagemcom UHD 88 in black TV reception in satellite technology. For UHD Sagemcom decoder 88 is added to the system card Viaccess PC 5.0
PC 5.0 ATR: 3F 77 18 00 00 C2 EB 41 02 6C 90 00

New Features in PC Card 5.0 include: - Advanced Content Protection - a new code card PC5 is designed to ensure the sustainable protection, while ensuring optimum compatibility with existing and being developed decoders - Flexible Content Protection - PC5 introduces the possibility of CW protection updates on decoders. This increases the CW security mechanisms that protect the connection between the smartcard and decoder - Increased ROI Operator and Management of Security Over Time - PC5 is protected against various threats, including loader it through the card. PC5 allows you to update software, which increases protection against illegal modifications and emulation. ATR Revision Viaccess Card As might be expected to Orange will be fought with sharingiem, now the card can not run in a different decoder than Sagemcom UHD 88thcard is steamed, but it is not software evaporation which takes place in France, because they used a Nano D2 and AES k