Nintendo nixes 3DTV service

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 14-05-2012

The 3DTV industry has received a blow with the news that Nintendo is to axe the 3DTV service that it launched in June 2011 to support the launch of the 3D-capable 3DS device.
Analysts are speculating as to whether the fact that one of the world’s most successful games companies can’t successfully deliver 3D to one of the most technology-hungry audiences means there are huge question marks as to the viability of 3D as a whole.
The Nintendo 3DTV service, launched on 21 June 2011, was available to over 100 million units, but in a brief statement, Nintendo president Kyoto Minami-ku said: “To everyone who has utilised our services, I am indeed sorry … we will terminate the service. We will continue to deliver video [clip] content to irregular 3D (sic) and 2D service of Nintendo video.”