STC to upgrade its WDM networks

Louise Duffy ©RapidTVNews | 15-05-2012

Saudi Arabia's incumbent operator, STC Group, has hired Huawei to supply technology for its next-generation metro WDM (wave division multiplexing) networks in Saudi Arabia.
The upgrade is intended to increase the capacity of STC's network to help it cope with data intensive services including IPTV and mobile broadband.
STC will deploy Huawei's PID (Photonic Integrated Device) technology to save space and power usage on its network operations.
"The PID technology helps us construct advanced metro WDM networks, provide multi-granularity services quickly and easily, and serve our customers more agilely," said Khaled Al-Dharrab, transport network director, STC.
Due to its simple design and structure, PID technology makes it easier to deploy and maintain next-generation metro WDM networks.
The technology simplifies the WDM architecture by integrating multiple key photonic components of the WDM system - such as lasers, modulators, detectors, multiplexers and demultiplexers - into a 5cm PID chip. Compared to a traditional WDM network, a PID-enabled WDM network can save up to 50% of space and power and 90% of the fibre connection, according to STC.