Orange makes multiplatform sporting bet with Al Jazeera, CANAL+ and Media365

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 15-05-2012

Leading European telco Orange has revealed its new strategy for content aggregation positioning the company as a key distributor and aggregator within its area of activity.
By focusing its strategy on its core business, Orange says that it intends to draw on the power of its networks to distribute rich and diversified content and thus to propose the best content on all Orange TV platforms, whether PC, mobile or tablet, in response to what it calls new digital uses.
The Orange sport channel will no longer be available to Orange TV customs as from 30 June 2012 and current Orange sport customers are being advised to subscribe to the sports package of Orange TV if they wish.
In order to, it says, preserve the quality of its offering, Orange has engaged in discussions with various partners for several months to build a partnership plan for the Orange sport business. The search for partners turned towards a solution combining Orange sport content and Orange sport info into something that the telco insists as representing the market's best sports offer to its subscribers.
Specifically, Orange held discussions with Al Jazeera, CANAL+ and Media365 and as soon as these companies launch Orange will package their products. For example it will offer Al Jazeera’s beIN SPORT 1 and beIN SPORT 2 and will also distribute the new sports information channel of Media365, a high-end channel that will be dedicated to sports and related business news. Discussions are currently underway with CANAL+ to acquire certain Orange sports rights.
Orange has also confirmed that it has negotiated with Media365 and CANAL+ commitment to minimise redundancies caused by the move.