Netflix the key as US viewers more connected than Euro smart TV owners

Joseph O'Halloran ©RapidTVNews | 15-05-2012

Europeans may have issues regarding connecting connected TVs but their US counterparts have no such inhibitions according to new research from Strategy Analytics.
According to the "US & Western Europe Connected TV Owner Survey," from the Strategy Analytics Digital Home Observatory, US connected TV owners in the US are more than three times more likely to be regular users of the internet capabilities of their TVs than those in Europe.

Overall, slightly fewer than two-thirds of smart TV owners said that that internet connectivity would be an important consideration when they next bought a TV set. Moreover, the survey showed that more than a third of US smart TV owners now use their TV set to connect to the internet at least once a week, compared to only a paltry 9% per cent of European smart TV owners. Whereas just more than a fifth of US smart TV owners in the US had had never set up their TV to connect to the internet, this figure rose to a third of Europeans.In addition, a smaller number of owners in each market had set up the internet connection but had stopped using the internet connectivity altogether.
As expected the report found that only one-third of smart TV owners across both the US and Europe had bought the TV because of its ability to connect to the internet. In spite of this, One of the key drivers for the disparity in European and US connected TV usage is the mass availability of over the top (OTT) online video services such as Netflix in the latter region, something that service providers should heed said Caroline Park, Senior Analyst and the report's author.
"It is essential that smart TV manufacturers and their partners develop compelling video services and content in the local language for non-English speaking markets," Park suggested. "The success of Netflix with smart TV owners in the US has demonstrated that such services can drive usage of smart TV services and apps."