Mobixell Webinar Featuring Teresa Cottam of Telesperience will Bust Common Mobile Video Optimization Myths and Present Strategies for Growth

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - May 15, 2012 - Over the last few years, industry experts have been trying to scare mobile operators into implementing video optimization solutions to solve the ‘bandwidth crunch’ that video is going to cause. But the experts have missed the point and operators are the ones who pay.

On May 30th, Mobixell Networks, a leading global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions, will host a free Knowledgecast webinar in conjunction with Pipeline Magazine to dispel the myths and set the record straight. In the webinar, entitled ‘What Video Optimization Experts Are Not Telling You’, Seth Greenberg, Mobixell director of corporate marketing, together with Teresa Cottam, chief analyst with Telesperience, will show how mobile network operators who aim to use video optimization to reduce overall data volume are wasting valuable resources chasing impossible goals.

Most of today's advanced mobile optimization techniques and technologies are still used to reduce overall network traffic. But even as mobile data traffic balloons, solutions that reduce data volume also reduce data revenue. To stay competitive, mobile operators need to focus on the real threats to their business strategy: dropping data ARPU and customer experience. Among the points that the Mobixell webinar will attempt to promote are:

Policy-driven video optimization as a part of a solution to generate new revenue (along with cost reduction)
Real congestion management focused on customer experience and not just traffic management

The reasons that mobile operators large and small should be optimistic about network monetization

The interactive Pipeline KnowledgeCast webinar will be presented live on May 30th at 16:00 UK / 11:00 EDT. To join in the conversation, you can register here: