New MTV idents launch on air
May 16, 2012 09.40 Europe/London By Robert Briel

MTV International is launching three new ident series across the globe.

The three idents, produced by the MTV World Design Studio in Milan under the direction of SVP, Roberto Bagatti, are Group Hug, Party Animals and Chameleon.

They reflect different aspects of the Millennial personality and the MTV programme content, “from warm and comforting, to living life to the max via the multi-tasking ability to absorb a vast variety of information and experiences at the same time.”

The three new 20-second idents have been produced in collaboration with Sehsucht in Berlin, Staat in Amsterdam and Buck in Los Angeles.

This new series of work is part of an evolving project that kicked off in 2009 when the look and feel of MTV’s network of 63 channels were aligned across the globe for the first time.

Designed to better reflect the personality and programme content of MTV, the second phase included a redesign of the MTV logo for international use.

The three new idents join Bubblegum Love (produced in collaboration with David Lobser and Blacklist, New York), Adrenalin Rush (I Love Dust, London), Close and Caring (Sehsucht, Berlin) and Rhythm Jerk (The Mill, London) which have been airing since July 2011.