boasts 5 million users

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 17-05-2012

Impressive audience figures posted by Mediaset España’s Telecinco’s TV website has confirmed the trend of internet users to search content that is traditionally seen on television.

It is seen that the TV is losing thrust against new forms of audiovisual content consumption is a fact, and reflecting this view, the chain has announced that, its online video portal, surpassed 5 million unique users during April 2012, a record for the portal.

Moreover, according to Weborama data, audiences can no longer measured in terms of viewers and served 12.3 million episodes of series and programs and has recorded its 12.8 connections to live broadcasts.

Telecinco also claimed that its site had nearly 14 million unique browsers, well ahead of who stayed at just over 10. was about 12 million unique users.