Mediapro to continue marketing football rights

Iñaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 18-05-2012

In a resolution issued by Spain’s Competition National Comission (CNC), laSexta’s producer Mediapro is to remain as legitimate owner of media rights of the football clubs in the First and Second Division for next season.

The CNC resolution conflicts with the provisions of the General Law on Audiovisual Communication (7/2010) which states in Article 21 (1) expressly allowed, clear and unambiguous signature of contracts for procurement of audiovisual rights for a period of up to four seasons and guarantee the operation of all contracts signed by Mediapro to maturity.

Literally, the Act states: "Contracts for the acquisition of rights of football matches may not exceed 4 years. Contracts in place since the entry into force of this Act shall remain valid until its completion."

So, too, says his transitional provision Twelfth: "Contracts for the acquisition of the rights of football competitions force at the entry into force of this Law shall remain valid until its completion, provided that such termination occurs within 4 years after the entry into force ". A resolution of the CNC cannot in any way be above a law voted on and approved by Parliament, says Mediapro.