Mediaset Spain wants all its muxes

Ińaki Ferreras ©RapidTVNews | 18-05-2012

Mediaset Publiespańa’s CEO, Giuseppe Tringali, has warned that it may reduce the multiplex of four channels it holds due to the prospective digital dividend.

The Spanish Ministry of Industry continues to negotiate with the audiovisual sector to try to reduce the cost of so-called digital dividend. The ministry wants all chains give up some of their channels and faced with resistance from the private, RTVE has proposed that regional and bear the biggest cut of channels.

Tringali also confirmed that Mediaset—owner of Telecinco and Cuatro—has applied to have the right to veto certain decisions on Canal +, something that Spain’s National Commission of Competition (CNC)has to decide upon.

In 2010, when Telecinco agreed with Spain’s main media group Prisa (Canal+’s owner) the purchase of Four and its entry with 22% in Canal +, the CNC put as a condition of waiver the right of veto. After a year of operation, Telecinco could return to claim the right of this veto. Depending on the conditions imposed by the CNC, the parties may resolve the sale of 22% of Canal + with the payment of a price by Mediaset.

Finally Tringali used his speech to ensure that, if he were, would block the stock a year to put an end to the speculation and allow businesses, "rather than pay dividends, reinvestment or to capitalise."