Barša, Sevilla and Racing de Santander under competition commission scrutiny

I˝aki Ferreras ęRapidTVNews | 18-05-2012

laSextaĺs producing company Mediapro and the Barcelona, Sevilla and Racing de Santander football teams have been fined by Spainĺs Competition Nacional Comission (CNC) regarding a disciplinary decision affecting First and Second division teams.

The Council of the CNC estimated contract durations between the parties of longer than three years "would have restrictive effects on competition in the market for acquisition of these contents" to "not allow enough time to market periodically broadcast rights of the equipment football to ensure there is effective competition for the same "as have shown in a note.

The agency believes that Mediapro, FC Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Racing Santander maintain such practices and therefore have chosen to open a new file and investigate. It is set, from now, within six months to reach a new resolution.

In the decision, Mediapro said it remains "the legitimate owner of media rights of football clubs of First and Second Division for next season," and warns that "these resolutions do not Mediapro can dispossess those rights. "

"Only a court can rule on the termination of those contracts, so Mediapro is fully trained and legally supported to continue operating normally," it added. In this sense, announced that it would lodge "immediately" an administrative appeal before the High Court against the decision of the Council.