France tops TV connection rates, UK lowest
By Julian Clover

A study of more than 4,000 consumers in the United States, UK, France and Germany, and their attitudes to connected TVs, smartphones, tablets and eBooks/eReaders has found UK viewers least likely to connect their sets to the internet.

Futuresource Consulting’s ‘Living with Digital’ consumer research survey says that at 71%, French viewers are the most likely to connect their smart TVs to the internet. However, the 56% registered in the UK is the lowest of the four countries.

The consultancy predicts the figure will rise as more Wi-Fi enabled TVs are made available – conversely it could be argued that the percentage falls when early adopters are taken out of the equation.
According to the study, TV and movies and playing games on the move have all become commonplace, while online shopping, web surfing and social networking have become significantly more popular as the range and ownership of connected devices has expanded.

The survey shows that the most popular uses for connected TVs are watching catch-up TV and YouTube videos and streaming films via online channels including Lovefilm and Netflix. Though at 40%, 24% and 23% respectively, social networking sites, streaming music and personal media libraries are found to be used frequently.
62% of respondents said they interact with additional electronic devices while watching TV.