Netflix updates web video player
May 18, 2012 06.36 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Online premium video service Netflix updated its web video player for Macs and PCs with a refreshed look of the existing features and adding some new functionality.

Some of the new features include: the size of the controls now scales, making it easier to use the player on large screens, for example if viewers connect the computer to the TV set.
The player will scale down to smaller windows, which is useful if a user wants to watch something while working in another window. Also, the video now stretches to the full window in the browser.

Full screen mode now has all the features of browser mode so viewers can view season/episode information and change to the next episode when watching a TV show. Pausing the video now shows more information about the title

In the new player, Netflix consolidated controls into one line using icons instead of words.