4G likely to disrupt TV in two million UK homes

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 18-05-2012

In a written answer to a parliamentary question, UK minister for culture, communications and the creative industries Ed Vaizey has revealed that instead of providing opportunities for TV use, 4G telecoms networks could actually interrupt TV signals.

In his reply, Vaizey said the rollout of 4G services using freed up spectrum next to digital TV could affect up to 945,000 households which use signal amplifiers to boost their television reception and 953,000 which rely on communal aerials.

The issue has been known for a while. A January 2011 technical report that the UK TV regulator Ofcom commissioned from Cobham Technical Services (CTS) found potential interference of cable TV services from LTE 4G deployment in the 800 MHz band.

Attempting to address the latest issue, Vaizey said Ofcom had assurances that the number of affected homes would “fall dramatically” following implementation of techniques to minimise disruption.