Viacom, Time Warner settle live iPad app dispute

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 19-05-2012

After months of impasse, Viacom, owner of hot cable nets like MTV and Comedy Central, has settled a dispute with Time Warner Cable over the MSO's iPad app.

Viacom will now make its content available in the coming weeks to TWC subscribers who have the live TV Everywhere app for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Viacom spokesman Mark Jafar said in a blog post that the settlement was "very good news for consumers."

The app is only able to make shows available in the home zone, via Wi-Fi.

Viacom has been a big voice in the TV Everywhere controversy over whether tablet apps for TV Everywhere should allow cable and other pay-TV providers to allow access to content without signing an additional carriage agreement with content owners with additional fees. The Big Media giant has pulled content from a number of apps, including Cablevision and Comcast, although those disputes have also bveen resolved.

TWC, one of the first to market with an iPad app for streaming authenticated TV Everywhere, argued that tablets act merely as another screen within the home, and should be able to be carried under existing content licencing arrangements. Viacom would seem to now agree, though terms of the dispute resolution were not disclosed.

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