Cable Show 2012: ARRIS hits 6 million daily ad transactions, integrates NDS middleware in gateway

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 21-05-2012

In a flurry of activity centred on the premier cable TV show, ARRIS Group is to integrate its Media Gateway with NDS Middleware, DRM and User Interface technologies.

The news comes just as the residential advanced video communications and IP technologies provider announced the landmark delivery of 6 million ad transactions daily over its advertising solutions which are claimed to be are used directly or indirectly by 9 of the top 10 service providers in North America. The ARRIS portfolio is designed to help operators deliver and monetise ads for multiple screens in the home via legacy set-top boxes to TVs and gateway devices for whole home solutions. Solutions can also support IP-connected devices such as tablets and gaming systems.

The integration of the ARRIS Media Gateway and Media Player with NDS MediaHighway middleware, VideoGuard Connect DRM and the NDS Snowflake user interface is being architected in close collaboration with several North American cable operators. NDS is the first third party supplier to integrate its software with the ARRIS Media Gateway and Media Players. The joint integration also incorporates Jungo Panorama remote management technology, designed to improve fault discovery, analysis and resolution and Jungo OpenRG residential gateway software.

The result says ARRIS is it will be able to offer service providers greater choice and customisation in the way they deliver whole home triple-play media experiences to their subscribers. The joint integration is designed to provide an architecture to accelerate the pace of innovation and the convergence of traditional pay-TV with interactive IP multimedia services.

"Today's marketplace demands that cable operators deliver the most robust content package in an elegant and exciting user experience," commented Jesper Knutsson, NDS VP and General Manager Sales, NDS Americas. "The NDS and ARRIS software and hardware components of this joint solution come together…to deliver seamless and mesmerizing whole home experiences for our customers' subscribers."