Cable Show 2012: Adobe gives Primetime slot to accelerate online ad revenue for TV

Editor ©RapidTVNews | 22-05-2012

Adobe Systems has launched new versions of its Media Server, Adobe Access and Adobe Auditude solutions in order to improve viewing experiences and better monetise ad-supported TV content across.
The solutions are packed under the brand of Project Primetime which Adobe claims is the industry’s first fully integrated video technology platform to deliver such experiences, designed to empower media companies to publish premium videos, insert ads and measure content across desktops, tablets, smartphones and connected TVs.

Adobe adds that the system has been engineered to address the increasing challenges of device and platform fragmentation, offering a single, end-to-end workflow that interconnects Adobe’s core video publishing, advertising and analytics technologies.
“With Project Primetime and our leading video technologies, Adobe is addressing the challenges media companies are facing when distributing and monetising online video content across devices today,” explained Jeremy Helfand, vice president of monetisation, Adobe. “Device fragmentation, multiple streaming protocols, different encryption methods, and building players across devices result in a poor user experience for video audiences and high operating costs for content providers. Primetime offers a single, integrated workflow to publish video content online, insert ads dynamically, and measure effectiveness across all major platforms and device types.”
A new offering within the bundle, Primetime Simulcast, will enable, claims Adobe, media companies for the first time to broadcast simultaneously their channels online and replace ads stitched into the broadcast stream with dynamically inserted ads. The solution supports apps across iOS and Android devices and within browsers across major desktop platforms and complements Primetime Highlights, which allows broadcasters to convert live streaming content to ad-supported video clips of major news, entertainment and sports highlights to be published to desktops and connected devices.
Further building out its technology portfolio for the delivery of premium video across devices and platforms, Adobe also introduced the next major version of its video server technology, Adobe Media Server 5. The new version of the product formerly known as Adobe Flash Media Server offers expanded streaming protocol support for publishers to reach audiences regardless if they want to use the HLS, HDS or RTMP protocols. Dynamic and offline preparation of premium content to be streamed using HTTP and protected with Adobe Access helps lower storage costs and simplify workflows to deliver video securely to multiple screens. Adobe Media Server 5 also supports the FCC’s requirements for Closed Captions and extends the protection options for native, Apple iOS apps.