Hulu's exclusive summer TV lineup heats up

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-05-2012

Online TV site has announced a new summer lineup of original and exclusive programming, set to debut on 4 June.
The summer slate announcement kicks off with Spoilers, a half-hour movie "revue" from indie filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Red State).
"I have always wanted to do a show that provides an open forum for real fans to discuss real movies in real time, and that’s what Spoilers is about," Smith said. As a filmmaker and lover of movies, I understand that ultimately it’s the fans who make the film. So in this show, we do not review movies, we revere them."
He added, "Hulu really lends itself well to a show like this because they have an audience that is passionate and active when it comes to shows they love. And frankly, those are the people I want to hang with."
In August, Hulu will launch the travel series Up To Speed by filmmaker Richard Linklater (School of Rock, Dazed and Confused), and We Got Next, a male comedy co-created by Kenya Barris (co-creator of America’s Next Top Model) and Hale Rothstein (writer, producer of The Game).
Right now, Hulu has seven original shows running.
"In an on-demand world, viewers are going to actively choose to watch TV shows that they really love. At Hulu, we want to offer exclusive shows and make original TV programming that speaks to a passionate group of fans. Because today, you don’t have to settle for watching something mildly entertaining," said Andy Forssell, senior vice president of content for Hulu. "We are proud of our summer line-up of Hulu Original Series and Exclusives, and we look forward to delighting our users."