Cable Show 2012: Active Video takes CloudTV to the next level

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-05-2012

Cloud TV aficionado ActiveVideo Networks is showing off a new version of the CloudTV platform that is designed to align with cable system operators' IP migration strategies.
The CloudTV H5 platform looks to optimise the delivery of cloud-based content in an IP environment with features such as virtualisation, full H.264 support and comprehensive bandwidth management. It also integrates easily with other cloud-based cable initiatives such as network DVR and cloud-based programme guides.
"As cable operators adopt IP infrastructure to deliver their new navigation and DVR products, the CloudTV platform provides an important tool for transitioning from their existing set-top box population, while also supporting the next generation of cost-reduced boxes," said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo Networks. "CloudTV H5 IP is part of a product roadmap that continues the ActiveVideo commitment to creating enterprise-class platforms that reduce cost while bringing full TV experiences to any device."
CloudTV H5 IP uses an HTML5 browser technology running in remote servers to execute and render complete user experiences in the cloud. The fully-formed user experience is then streamed to the user's device in a bandwidth-efficient adaptive bit rate video stream. Subscribers control the experience by using their remote controls to send key presses to the remote browser, controlling the application in the same way as they would if it were running locally.
As television operators move more and more to a unicast distribution network, they can take advantage of the CloudTV platform to drive personalised, on-demand video to every customer.
The technology is available across any digital STB or connected device, and can be deployed by a cable MSO without changing or adding any devices in the home.
CloudTV is available on approximately 10 million screens in the United States and abroad with Cablevision Systems, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and other operators, as well as on Philips-brand NetTVs.