Cable Show 2012: SeaChange, Civolution partner on premium VOD platform

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 22-05-2012

SeaChange has partnered with Civolution on a joint solution to enable cable operators to offer premium VOD content to their subscribers. The solution is currently being deployed by a large North American cable operator, the companies said.
As mandated by Hollywood studios for offering movies in an early-release window, operators need to integrate transactional watermarking protection into their VOD workflow and network infrastructure, which allows for forensic tracking to the source of potential illegal copies.
In order to do this, SeaChange integrated Civolution's newest NexGuard watermark pre-processor and smart-embedder software into three components of its intelligent video software platform: The SeaChange AssetFlow content workflow manager adds content processing elements above and beyond transcoding, automated QA, and audio normalisation such as watermarking through a plug-in-based open standards modular interface. The SeaChange Axiom On Demand back office is a standards-based framework that delivers personalisation, operational efficiency and open interfaces to power third-party applications and video pumps. And SeaChange's MDS and FMS products offer cost-effective storage and streaming of VOD assets.
The latest watermarking product, available immediately as part of Civolution's NexGuard pay-TV suite of solutions, integrates with existing VOD workflows, and enables transactional watermarking across cable networks.
Civolution's transactional watermarking is performed in two steps. The first step, referred as "watermark pre-processing," is applied once per VOD asset during content preparation. The second step, referred as "watermark smart embedding", is applied by the VOD pump during the streaming of the VOD asset to a subscriber.
The watermark detection from suspected pirate video samples, available through Civolution's Web-based automated NexGuard Detection Service, allows rights owners to identify the source of piracy in case of content theft. Civolution VOD watermarks can be automatically detected without the need for original content.
"Integrating Civolution's watermarking software into our end-to-end solution for content ingest, management, monetisation and delivery gives cable operators a new tool in their arsenal for content protection and enables access to earlier release window movies," said SeaChange CTO Steven Davi. It's a major breakthrough in getting consumers the content they want sooner, which will generate new revenues and create customer loyalty."