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Thread: Important question regarding starsat x-2000 hd

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    Important question regarding starsat x-2000 hd

    Dear Experts

    I have some queries related to Starsat X-2000HD receiver.
    No update available after V1.55.

    After new good arrival from February, firmware of Starsat X-2000 HD receiver covert into very small bin file from 35MB to 4MB.

    Can we install new firmware SR-2000HD in my receiver or my old receiver expired.

    If we able to install then how to install this new firmware in receiver.

    Kindly detail method how to install new firmware in receiver instead of 35MB file.

    Pls do the needful, help me and oblige.


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    Re: Important question regarding starsat x-2000 hd

    SR-2000HD_ACE is not the same stb model as SR-2000HD
    use only software for your appropriate model
    up now the last software version for SR-2000HD is 1.59

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