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Thread: Question about serial programmer for Matrix Cams

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    Question about serial programmer for Matrix Cams

    Hi folks,

    as I could read here a season like dummy smart card connected to the serial port at the pc is one possibility to program a matrix reborn cam. I also could find so called "twin programmers", e.g.

    I have to questions concerning such programmers:

    The first is if there is a circuit diagramm available to build such a programmer by myself.

    The second is, can a programmer like that also be used as a season interface ?

    Thx for reading and possible answers


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    Re: Question about serial programmer for Matrix Cams

    save yrself time and money m8, go and buy the programmer

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    Re: Question about serial programmer for Matrix Cams

    Hi Folks,

    now I will answer my question by myself:

    It is not possible to use the same serial adapter to program the cam and as a season interface. The idea simply was to save the money for buying / building both a programmer and a season interface. But this is not possible because the serial programmer uses an additional Atmel chip which is not used on a season interface.

    C.U. MatrixUser

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