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Thread: Freecam: Where can i download?

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    Question Freecam: Where can i download?

    Hi... I have been browsing through this forum and others and I see a few mentions of Freecam for programming or configuring CAMs.

    Is it permissible in this forum to ask where I can DEFINITELY download a very recent version of it? If not, I do apologise for my newbie naivety.

    I am about to receive a new Matrix Reborn CAM and a Irdeto CAM and, IF (??) I need to pre-configure them, I need to get hold of any appropriate software, and/or including Freecam, that will enable that to be done. I already have the programming hardware for the CAM. We definitely do NOT want to engage in any illegal activity such as card sharing etc but would like to be able to use my LEGITIMATE (!!!) TV DVBS smartcard in my own AZBOX HD Premium STB in another room in our house apart from the STB provided by the DVBS service providers. We receive some Australia Satellite TV programming from Optus D1, Optus D2 C1/D3 and others from across the Tasman Sea. Some is encrypted, Nagravision, Irdeto, Conax Powerview etc, but we can buy the legitimate cards for them. Many thanks, Robert, ZL2ROB, New Zealand.

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    Re: Freecam: Where can i download?

    check here may be u will find something

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