Channel-Editor 1.2


The first thing you need is a Null Modem cable (cable that connects to the PC serial port and the illusion of behind).
Second you need Channel Editor 1.2.

A TV with scart connected to the receiver to see what you do on screen. No need digital antenna cable.

Steps to generate the files of backup:

1 - The Illusion mencomunicacin go to in the first line choice of Tuner for PC.
2 - In the second line we want to choose the copy:

-Channels, channel list (generates a channels.dsp)
Config, configuration of planet gear (config.dsp)
-Settings, ms planet gear configuration of channel lists (settings.dsp)
-All, all, is a clone of our deco (everything.dsp)
-Soft, programs and applications installed (soft.dsp)

3 - Open Channel Editor 1.2 and click on the tab Trans. Series.
4 - Choose directory where to save the backup and COM port.
5 - In the third line of communication menu press OK on the remote to start.
6 - point 4 pulses received and expect to generate the file.

We've got the backup you want.
Those channels, and config settings, we can open, edit, manage and view from the Channel Editor 1.2.

When we need to upload the deco is convenient to do with the loader 1.4 or 1.5 that does not give us problems (with the Channel Editor 1.2 can give them).