FOX wins May US TV ratings sweeps...again

Michelle Clancy ©RapidTVNews | 26-05-2012

FOX continues to be the dominant player in the US TV ratings landscape as the May sweeps results have come in, showing the network as No. 1 for the eighth straight year.
Several shows did well, including American Idol, which has managed to take the top ratings in May TV sweeps in the adults 18-49 for the ninth season in a row.
Meanwhile, New Girl came out as the No. 1 new series among young adults, the X Factor is No. 1 new unscripted series in the same demo, FOX is rated the No. 1 sports network in U.S. households for 15 years straight, and, FOX claims the top 3 most socially engaging broadcast TV shows.
Averaging a 3.2/9 rating, FOX outperformed the No. 2 network (CBS) by +7%, the No. 3 network (NBC) by +28% and the No. 4 network (ABC) by +33%. In addition, FOX held relatively steady year-over-year (97% retention) among adults 18-49 and total viewers, excluding last season’s Super Bowl.
With a median age of 41, FOX once again drew the youngest audience among the Big Four networks and finished the season at No. 1 among adults 18-34 for the 10th season in a row and No. 1 among Teens for the 12th consecutive season.
As measured by Bluefin Labs, the top three broadcast shows for social engagement (as measured by social comments on Twitter and Facebook) are: American Idol with 5.9 million, Glee with 4.1 million and the X Factor with 3.8 million.