Bahrain announces satellite TV blackout

Rebecca Hawkes ©RapidTVNews | 27-05-2012

Bahrain state television channels will be removed from Arabsat on 1 June, in protest at the Middle East satellite organisation's alleged failure to stem Iranian propaganda broadcasts.

The Kindgdom's Information Affairs Authority (IAA) claims "the hostile media campaign waged by Iranian channels" against Bahrain and its fellow Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country Saudi Arabia is intended "to incite sectarianism and shake security and stability, in breach of Arab and international agreements and conventions."

Since 20 February 2011, the IAA has reportedly called on Arabsat to stop disseminating the Iranian TV channels in question. However, the executive body of Arabsat has not responded to repeated requests "though the Iranian media violations are in breach of all agreements and conventions regulating media content," said the authority.