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Thread: DM500HD problem - 2 boxes

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    DM500HD problem - 2 boxes

    Hi friends,

    First I need to say that I am a complete newbie in this world. I've bought 2 years ago a DM800 with a DE blackhole image and CCCAM already installed and never had one single problem. I have 2 lnbs in DiSeq 1.1 and everything was configured and worked 100%.

    As I moved home, I decided to buy the DM500HD so I could have tv in 2 rooms at the same time.

    The problem I am having is the following:

    - Both boxes work very well if at least one of them is not running the CCAM.
    - As soon as I initiate the CCAM in both, one of the boxes (always the DM800) loses one of the the satellite signal. The other satellite works ok, and in both boxes I have image. The satellite configured as LNB1 is lost.

    Do you guys know the reason for this? Am I doing something wrong?



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    Re: DM500HD problem - 2 boxes

    After have read some info on the net, I think I found the solution to my problem.

    The problem (I think)is that I have a single diseqc and I'm trying to control it from 2 different receivers. In fact I was wrong when previously I said that the signal was lost when I turn the CAM on. The signal is lost when I change the channel in one of the boxes. It works fine if I'm watching the same channel in both boxes (sometimes it works for some reason - maybe same transponder? - for different channels) but as soon as I try to watch different satellites, it stops working on the other receiver.

    Solution? I think I have to go with 2 diseqc switches.

    Hope this can help somone in the future.


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